“Fist Pump” WOD to honor Suzanne and Coach Ryan as they head back to New Jersey (9 June 2014)!!!

We are sad to say (but happy for them) that Coach Ryan and Suzanne will be heading back to New Jersey in a couple weeks!  We know they are excited to return home to their families and hometown.  Ryan’s last day Coaching will be the 11th of June.

Suzanne and Ryan were some of our VERY first clients when we opened AllSport CrossFit in early 2012 at the suggestion of Coach Abbye. They ironically met each other in a gym in New Jersey and when they came to Houston, they were looking for something more than just a normal gym. In the beginning, it was sometimes just the two of them, a couple others and us Coaches wodding. Look how far they (and AllSport) have come!  Both have become incredible athletes and really disciplined in their eating habits (during the week, right, Suzanne?). They really have been two very dedicated and faithful people to AllSport CrossFit in the last 2 years….

We will be having a “Fist Pump” WOD on the 9th of June to honor them. Please wear your best Jersey Shore outfit and be sure you have a good Spray Tan going on that day.  Suzanne plans on Wodding at 5 p.m. and Ryan at 6 p.m. and Suzanne may try to attend the 5:15 a.m. class to say goodbye to her morning friends.

Texas will definitely have a lot less “F-bombs” when they head for New Jersey.  We will miss these two Meatballs!!!!


Ryan and Suzanne

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