Curran K.

Drink1. Name? 
Curran K.
2. College and Hometown and Occupation?  
Arizona St./Purdue   Berkeley, CA.   Human Resources @ Shell
3. How did you find out about AllSport? 
Googled a place close to me when I moved here, and came for the free trial week.
4. Favorite thing about CrossFit?   
Sense of community, making good friends, & eating donuts guilt free.
5. Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD or Movement?     
Favorite= Open 13.3   Least favorite=Isabel
6. WOD Nemesis, who do you battle or measure yourself against consistently?
Well, I think most people would probably say Jeff H. because he’s someone a lot of people look to in our gym as one of the stronger athletes. But the reality is, that he is just a burned-out, wanna be hockey player, that’s holding onto his past for dear life. He’s kinda like Happy Gilmore, except more depressing. I’d say I consistently look to see how Grant H. does when I see his name on the board. He’s always strong and fast. Plus he’s a real standup guy.
7. Married how long, kids?, Dating or Single?
8. Cats or Dogs?
9. How long have you been at AllSport?
1 year
10. What gains have been most impressive to you, weight loss, strength gain etc?
I’ve seen pretty substantial gains in my strength. Also put on about 10-15 pounds of muscle since joining.
11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one piece of equipment, what would it be?
12. Strict Zone/Paleo or Mexican and Margaritas Kind of Paleo?
Tequila and Beer kinda paleo.
13. How long did it take to get your first Pull-up or Muscle Up?
Came in with pullups. 2-3 weeks for my first Muscle Up.
14. Class time you regularly attend? Why?
5pm weekdays. Good time to beat some of the rush hour traffic and still have enough daylight to enjoy the evening. Also, I’ve made good friends with the coaches at those times so now it’s become a comfort thing as well.
15. What movement(s) are you best with? Why?
I enjoy bodyweight movements because they’re easiest for me. Running, Box Jumps, Pullups or Muscle Ups are probably my top ones if I had to pick.
16. What movement(s) are you worst with? What are you doing to get better at them?
Most olympic lifting and the very technical lifts. When I joined, I came in at 6’1 162#. Now I’m closer to 175. I never had much experience with deadlifts, squat cleans, or snatches and was definitely weaker compared to most guys in the box when it came to those. I’ve been making gains though, and despite not loving these movements, I practice them pretty frequently. I think working on technique (even at a lighter weight) can really help you build a foundation for future success.
17. Beach and Sand or Snow and Skis?
18. Three times a week or Unlimited? 
Definitely unlimited.
19. CrossFit has helped me be a better _____________? You fill in the blank (ex. Dad, Softball Player, Husband, Nurse etc…)
Team Player. I really find myself really caring about other people workouts — even if we aren’t at the same class, we’re always checking in on each other to see how the workout went. I root them on, they root me on, and we get a beer afterwards. I think its a great place to set some goals, challenge yourself, and make some friends along the way.
20. If I could write the WOD on the board? What would it be? (You write the Strength and WOD)
5:4:3:2:1  Squat Clean  10 hand release pushups & 10 strict pullups in between each set
18 minute AMRAP
400 meter run buy in
5 muscle ups
10 burpees
15 box jumps
20 wallballs
25 double unders
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