7 February 2015 – “Teams of Two”


Warm-up:  Eastside Lap Plus 25 Burpees

Review KB Swings, Deadlift, Plank, HS Hold, Goblet Squats

Set up equipment for the 23 Minute WOD below:

Teams of 2:

Station 1- 5 mins

Person A performs Kettlebell Swings (53/35) while person B holds a Handstand.  Person A can only perform Kettlebell Swings as long as person B is up in a Handstand.

1 minute transition , then

Station 2 – 5 mins

Person A performs Goblet Squats while Person B holds a weighted bar at the top of the deadlift.  The weight will depend on the team.  Weight should be challenging and you will have to deadlift this bar later (only one bar per team)!!  Person A can only perform goblet squats while Person B holds the bar at the finished position of the deadlift.

1 minute transition, then

Station 3- 5 mins

Person A holds a plank position from elbows while Person B rows for calories.  Person B may only row while person A is maintaining a plank position.

Station 4 – 5 mins

Person A performs Deadlifts with the Deadlift bar from Station B white Person B holds the Kettlebell (53/35) from Station 1/2 in the bottom of a squat. Person A can only perform Deadlifts while Person B holds the kettlebell at the bottom of a squat.

You may change roles between partners as often as would like. Score is Cumulative Reps between partners.

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