5 August 2015 – “Wacky Wednesday”


Warm-up: Row 1500m (500m at 50%, 500m at 70%, last 500m at 90-100%), Run to W. Alabama and Back (in any order)

Strength/Skill: Big Grace (Untimed)

30 minutes to perform 30 Perfect Clean and Jerks, lets use the time to really spend some time Coaching the Clean and Jerk. Coaches and Clients are encouraged to use SmartPhones to film each others form etc. Weight is variable Mens RX 135-185/Ladies RX 95-135


WOD: Hey Stan! (8 minute Cap)

10 rounds of…

10 Double Unders

5 Two Lunge Burpees (perform 1 Left Lunge/Burpee/1 Right Lunge/1 Burpee)

Cool Down: 100 AbMat Situps for time


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