28 November 2015


Warm-up:  Run to W. Alabama and then perform 15 Burpees

WOD1:  Teams of 2

For Time:  Each Person Sprints around block, and performs 15 Burpees, the 2nd person can not leave until the burpees are complete

WOD 2:  Teams of 2

3 Rounds For Time (you can start at any station, one person working at a time; break up however between partners).
13’ Rope climb x2 (Scaled is 5 Rope Raises to Standing from Ground = 1 Rope Climb) / 15 Box jumps (18”)/ 15 Burpees

21 Hand release push-ups (full lock-out at top)/ 21 Sit-ups / 21 Squats

2 Bear Crawls Across Turf/ 21 Wallballs (20/14)/21 Kettle bell swings (53/35)


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