28 January 2015



Warm Up: 400m jog. Squat Therapy. Coaches Best Squat Fixes, Thoughts, etc. Spend some time warming up for back and front squat WOD
Skill: Strict Pull Up Program – 5×5. Same as Monday unless it was way too easy.
Compare to August 11, 2014
30 Back Squats (135/95) bars from the ground
400m run
30 Back Squats
Strength: With Partner, alternating sets of 8 strict press, AMRAP 8 minutes.
20 Front Squats (135/95) yes, bars from ground.
400m Run
20 Front Squats
Cool Down – 3 slow rounds of 30 flutter kicks, 30 supermans, 20 hollow rocks, 20 air squats
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