27 February 2014; “Rescuing Cora and Alice Munro…”

WOD: Rescuing Cora and Alice Munro…

In Teams of 2-3, note all runs are performed together, all rows are performed with only one person rowing at a time, you may switch out, all movements may be performed simultaneously and broken up however you wish, for example, Joe can do Double Unders, Jeff can do Wallballs, Jim can rest etc….

For time…52 minute Cap

Run Eastside together with 1 Wallball per team…

17 Man on Fire Burpees

57 Wallball shots

Row 3000m

Run West Alabama with 2 Wallballs per team…

17 Man on Fire Burpees

57 Double Unders

Run to Sul Ross with 3 Wallballs per team…

17 Triple Unders

57 Two squat Wallballs

Row 1500m

Run to Branard with four Wallballs per team…

17 Single Unders

57 Double Unders

Row 750m

17 Burpee Broad Jumps

57 Partner Toss Wallballs (partners stand side by side, Wallball goes up to ten foot line, partner catches it, squats and repeats)

17 Triple Unders

57 Ring Dips (advanced go from MU rings)

Row 250m

Run to West Main and back…..fight Magua and call time…

Magua – 29 Clean and Jerks 145/95, then call time…