25 November 2013 -“Pies and Planks”

Warm Up: Planks and Pies. With a partner, one planks with a pie (25#plate) while one runs with a pie (10#plate carried like a pie) to Audley and back. (3x) Then, mobility for hamstrings and hips.
Skill: Double Unders – those with good DUs choose between max DUs in 5 minutes OR 10×30 unbroken DUs w/ 12 minute cap. If you trip during the 30, start back at 0. Must stop between rounds of 30. Those without DUs, practice and work on single technique>every other DU>stringing together…
WOD: AMRAP 8 minutes
Wall Ball (20/14)
5 Deadlifts EMOM (225/155)
Athlete performs 5 deadlifts at the top of every minute (including minute 0) and then does max effort wall shots with remainder of minute. Score is total wall shots.
Cool Down: 3-4 rounds of 10 slow Good mornings with empty bar and quad roll.