25 May 2016

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25 May 2016, Wednesday

Warm-up:  W. Alabama St. Run, Mobility and Line Drills

Strength: Single Arm Bent Over Rows with Dumbbells

5 Sets of 8 Each Arm

Skill:  5 by Max Pull-ups

  1. Regular Grip
  2. Reverse Grip (Curl ups)
  3. Neutral Grip on Rogue Neutral Bars (the attachments on shelf)
  4. Close Grip, thumbs distance apart
  5. 2 Rope Pull-ups (very few people will be able to do this)


WOD:  “Tire Elizabeth”


Tire Flips, Ring Dips



Squat Cleans (95/65), Box Dips

10 Minute Cap


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