22 November 2014 –


Warm-up:  “Half Annie”


Double Unders (Singles X2)

Ab Mat Sit-ups


Weather Pending (as long as its not pouring):  Grab a Partner and Sprint out to your vehicles and add up the first two numbers in each license plate and then Sprint back inside and Alternate doing that many burpees each.

For Example:

XE13RT = 4

DV93T2 = 12

Sum = 16 Burpees Each.


Skill/Strength:  Review of Power Snatch and Deadlift


WOD:  For Time Using One Bar Only

25 Deadlift (135,95)

Row 500 Meters

10 Power Snatch (135,95)

Row 500 Meters

50 Deadlifts (95,65)

Row 500 Meters

20 Power Snatch (95,65)


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