2012 AllSport BroFit Open on 29 September 2012 – 10:30 a.m.

2012 AllSport BroFit Open hosted by Coach Dustin

Date: Sept 29th 2012

Time: 1030AM, shortly after the 9AM WOD

What: In-house Olympic meet for members and coaches

Venue: AllSport BroFit
3314 W Main Street and 3315 Branard Street, 77098

Details: Each person will get 3 attempts at a 1 rep max for snatch (squat or power) and 3 attempts at a 1 rep max for clean (power or squat) and jerk. We will NOT be following USA-Weightlifting rules. Participants will be briefed on rules at event.

A portion of the proceeds from event will be donated to Navy Seal Team 4 to help pay for shipments of donated goods.

Entry fee: $10 to participate, donations for Navy Seal Team 4 will be taken at event also.

Entry Fee Deadline: All fees MUST be paid by Sept 22nd.

Awards: 1st Place Male using Sinclair Coefficient
1st Place Female using Sinclair Coefficient
1st Place Masters Male (45+)using Sinclair Coefficient
1st Place Masters Female (45+)using Sinclair Coefficient

Winners will receive beer and a VISA gift card

Please speak to a coach about entering the event, there will only 25 TOTAL entries available. When signing up, you MUST document an opening weight for snatch AND clean and jerk in pounds. There must be at least 3 people in a class for it to be open. And you must be registered online with Mind Body (you will be able to register for this now!)

This is your chance to train for something and gain experience in a competition setting! Take advantage of it and push yourself for some PRs!

If you do plan on participating, please volunteer and/or come cheer your fellow gym members on. We will need help loading bars, taking scores, etc.

Any specific questions, please direct them to Coach Dustin:  dustindma@yahoo.com

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