2 August 2013; Five Fingered Death Punch….

Warm-up: Burgener Warmup with PVC or Bar Advanced

Group 1: 25 minutes to work up to a 1 RM Any Snatch (Hang/Power/Squat etc.)

Group 2: For time….

750 m row

30 Overhead Squats

750 m row

20 Overhead Squats

750 m row

10 Overhead Squats

RX 95/65

Advanced WOD: Same as above, weight 115/75, and you will perform a max set of consecutive Muscle Ups after the WOD. You may 1 minute off your time for every MU you complete.  For example, if your time is 15 minutes and you do 6 Muscle Ups, your time will be 9 minutes. Theoretically, a negative number is possible….

Advanced Cool Down: 30 GHD Slam Ball throws for time, please don’t break a light…..