17 May 2016

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Tuesday May 17, 2016

Warmup: Eastside Lap/Shoulder Mobility

Skill: Gymnastics Ring Dips/Handstand Push-ups/HSPU


Regional NATE

10 rounds for time of…

4 Strict Muscle Ups

7 Strict HSPU

12 KB Snatches

RX Men 70

RX Ladies 53

RX Cap 20:00

ASCF Men’s Kipping Muscle Ups/Kipping HSPU/53 KB

ASCF Ladies 4 Strict Neutral Grip or RIng Pull-ups/4 Dips/44 KB

ASCF Cap 30:00

WOD 2: West Alabama/500m Row (Try to beat Monday’s Time, RUN FIRST!)

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