15 October 2013 – “Everything on the Box”

Warm-up: Run to West Alabama, 20 Lunges, 15 Push-ups, 10 Slow and Deep Air Squats

Strength/Skill:  BackSquat 3X5

WOD: “Everything on the Box”

3 rounds:

20x Box jumps (24/20)

20x Dips off Box

20x Lunges

20x Burpees

20x Air Squats

20x Sit-ups

20x Push-ups on Box (Chest to Box)


Cool Down:  Wall Sits 3 X 1:00, with 30 Seconds Rest in Between


6:00 p.m. CrossFit Endurance Class

(Meet at the Lamar High School Bleachers by 6:05 p.m)

Warm-up:  400 meter jog, Line Drills (High Knees, Butt Kicks, Skipping, Carioca), 200 meter Jog.


4 X 200 Meter Sprints, Resting 2 Minutes After Each

2 X 400 Meter Sprints, Resting 3 Minutes After Each

1 X 800 Meter Sprint, Rest 4 Minutes

2 X 100 Meter Sprint Races