13 April 2012 – “Friday the 13th!!!!”

Reminder!  Our AllSport CrossFit (and friends and family!) FIRST Happy Hour is tonight at 5:00 p.m.!!!!

Meet you out on the Patio!!!!

13 April 2012 – OTC Patio Bar 3212 Kirby Dr Houston, TX 77098


 ALSO, NO 0800 class tomorrow, but we will have a 0900 Class!!!! 













10 Air Squats, 9 Push-ups, 8 Air Squats, 7 Push-ups, 6 Air Squats, 5 Push-ups, 4 Air Squats, 3 Push-ups, 2 Air Squats, 1 Push-up

















5X5 Backsquat HEAVY

3X5 Strict Press HEAVY

















WOD – “Friday the 13th”








AMRAP 18 Minutes

Maximum Laps Through Gym with Freddy and Jason Chasing You!

Surprise!  You tripped and must Bear Crawl on AstroTurf every time!!!




































Cool Down

Water and Stretch!!!!  Get Ready for Happy Hour!  Hydrate!!!!




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