11 February 2014; “Maverick is re engaging Sir!!!!!”

2-11-2014Warm-up: 30 Double Unders, 5 Pullups, 15 Push-ups, 20 Air Squats X 2

Skill: Thruster

Strength: Work up to a Heavy 1 Rack Thruster

Team WOD: “Maverick is re engaging Sir!”

AMRAP 24 minutes, perform in groups of 2-4, only one person works at a time…

Row 1000m

100 KB Swings AHAP

Row 750m

75 Slam Balls AHAP

Row 500m

50 Windshield Wipers, Pull-up bar advanced, barbell, regular

Row 250m

25 Handstand Push-ups (or a combo of strict HSPUs and Muscle Ups, Bar or Ring)