1 January 2013 – “Happy New Year from AllSport CrossFit”

Come on into AllSport CrossFit, be sure you are signed up on MindBody for our class tomorrow from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with Coach Ryan ringing in the New Year with his GREAT Hangover WOD!!!!!

Warm Up:
Jog to W Alabama
2 burpees per drink last night (5 burpee minimum)

5 min double under practice
5 min partner deadlift practice

Partner WOD – “Happy New Year from AllSport CrossFit”
Pick a partner you don’t know yet, start the new year by making a new friend!!!!

5 rounds:
20 Partner deadlifts 315/225

100 double unders (split how you want between partners)

10 alternating burpees (5 and 5)

40 sit-ups